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Vital allotment of distribution reinvestment plan units

Friday, 29 March 2019

Vital allotment of distribution reinvestment plan units

For the purposes of Listing Rule 7.12.1, the Manager of Vital Healthcare Property Trust, NorthWest Healthcare Properties Management Limited, hereby advises the following new units have been issued:

(a)     Class of Security:                                          Vital Healthcare Property Trust Ordinary Units

         ISIN:                                                               NZCHPE0001S4

(b)     Number issued:                                             689,735

(c)     Issue price:                                                    $2.1343 per unit

(d)     Payment terms:                                             Cash, pursuant to the Distribution reinvestment plan

(e)     Amount paid up:                                            Fully paid

(f)     Percentage of Class of                                  0.16% of the total number of units on issue

         Securities issued:                                           immediately prior to the issue of the new units

(g)     Reason for issue:                                           Distribution reinvestment in respect of the distribution of 2.1875 cents per unit payable on 29 March 2019

(h)     Specific authority for issue:                           Distribution reinvestment plan

(i)      Terms of issue:                                              The units will rank equally in all respects with existing ordinary units in the Trust

(j)      Total number of Securities of

         Class in existence after issue:                       445,513,594

(k)     Treasury Stock:                                             Not applicable

(l)      Date of issue:                                                 29 March 2019




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